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Dear the guy I used to like. 

I sit and think to myself , what a wonderful. No I’m just kidding.  What if you would have loved me , what .if. You would have wanted ,needed me everyday. To know with absolute certainty that I was your and I wanted you. What if we lived that way. Well ya know ,( in that imagination is a reality of me realizing me. And I like and need my alone time. So how realisticly could I have make it work any better with you), ….. and that my dear friends is how Disney movies shaped/ trained  the way we think.         It’s really not realistic when you think about it. 

#jimcarey #disney #conspiracy #matrix #happilyeverafter 

Dear the guy I used to like 

Their is one thing that I am completely certain of, one thing that I am sure of more than I am certain of any one thing at all on this planet.  When it comes to you. I am completely sure , that I have absolutely no idea what so ever. 

  See you are either Heaven sent or a trick from Satan himself sent forth to begile the days of me. 

 I now know that their is only one way what so ever to finally discover the answer.